Pharaoh Helmet

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Pharaoh helmet.png
You see a Pharaoh Helmet (Arm:9). 
It weighs 29.0 oz.
Item Rank:280
Properties:Intelligence (10), 3% lifedrain resistance
 Streamlined (5), LINKED:{Intelligence (12) + Intellect (15)}, Presence of Mind (1), Resistance (Death, 1%), Resistance (Energy, 1%)
Weight:29.0 oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:
OsarisHasain (200 Blue Cloth.png Blue Cloth and 100 Red Cloth.png Red Cloth)
Sell to:
OsarisKiran (220,000 gp) only after completing the Lord Azeran Quest
Note:This helmet provides 3% lifedrain resistance while worn.
Required for the first addon of the Pharaoh Outfit.
Just ask Hasain about a "Pharaoh Helmet". You DO NOT need to be on the mission to trade in cloth for this item! Anyone can get it once!

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