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You see a Salmon
It weighs 3.20 oz.
Weight:3.20 oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:
CironeHraph (6 gp)
GarrogatMiranda Bruss (4 gp)
OsarisKamil (6 gp)
Sell to:
NovusWillie (2 gp), Billy (2 gp)
Note:The only fish species in-game not obtainable through Fishing.
Can be used in Cooking as an ingredient in Baked Salmon.
Amber, in Novus, will give you some information about the Orc Language for some salmon.
Obtainable in Captain Iglue's Treasure Quest.
One salmon will provide hp/mana regeneration for 120 seconds (makes you 10% full).

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