Blank Rune

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Blank Rune.gif Blank Rune
Cost: 10 gp
Dropped by: Elf Arcanist, Eye of Shadow, Fire Devil, Dwarf Geomancer, Ash Imp, Skeleton Mage, Gieffrin, Tarathiel, Ancient Golem
Note: Cast a rune spell with blank runes in your inventory to make them into spell runes, uses blank runes in order as they are sorted in your inventory.
Buy rune from:
City NPC Price (rune) Price (bp)
Lucindel Map.png Ethrihil 10 gp 200 gp
Abukir Map.png Leila 10 gp 200 gp
Thoris Map.png Torben 10 gp 200 gp
Garrogat Map.png Jodi 10 gp 200 gp
Icenhaal Map.png Frankie
Map.png Dwell
10 gp
10 gp
200 gp
200 gp
Mittenhoff Map.png Urgrim 10 gp 200 gp
Osaris Map.png Hylsa 10 gp 200 gp
Eschen Map.png Xanthus 10 gp 200 gp
Arak Map.png Alexei 10 gp 200 gp
Yehsha Map.png Cherf 10 gp 200 gp