Priestess of Light

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Priestess of Light
Priestess of Light.png
Heart.png Hit Points: 4500
Xp.png Experience: 8000
Summon.png Summon: --
Convince.png Convince: --
Abilities:Melee (0-100), Holy Strike (100-180, quick attack), Holy Explosion (150-300, quick attack), Holy Ball (170-350), Holy Beam (300-400), Light Healing, Paralyze, Summons 0-3 Mindless Worshiper
Push Objects:✔️
Est. Max Damage:1000+ hp per turn
Immune To:Fire, Poison, Holy
Sounds:"You desecrated this place!"; "Begone, heretic!"
Task:1000 (The White Light Faction; both priestesses and priests count towards this task)
Note:They keep their distance, they do not run at low HP. They can do a lot of damage very quickly.
Female counterpart to the Priest of Light (same creature effectively).
Strategy:They can use their spell attacks very quickly and often deal 400-600 damage at once.
Mages are advised to use Sudden Death Runes and knights should use Explosions or teamhunt them.
Archers can either SD or Explo them, or duo hunt them with Heavy Magic Missiles to reduce waste.
Loot:Brown Bread, Blank Paper, Inkwell, Lit Lamp, Ankh, 0-3 Talon, 0-3 Small Topaz, Energy Ring, Golden Armor (rare), Boots of Haste (rare), Holy Scepter (very rare), Dawnlight (extremely rare)
Location:White Light Sanctuary

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