Magnum Opus Quest

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Shield of unseen forces.png Magnum Opus Quest
Reward: Shield of Unseen Forces and Rainbow Gem
Location: Osaris
Level required: 200+
Requirements: Fire Field Rune, Heart of Fire, Violet Gem, Red Gem, Green Gem, Yellow Gem, Shovel, Gold Dust and a lot of Scarab Coins
Be prepared to face: Dark Mass
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Black Gem.png Getting the Black Gem Black Gem.png

To start the quest you need to wait until the ghost in the laboratory is up.
It spawns like every 3 days on average and when it's up some of the campfires in Foreign Lands lit up.
It spawns where the mark on the map is:
When you "look" into the pillar, you must see something like: "You see an unseen forces"

ONLY IF ghost is up you need to travel to Foreign Lands and lit up the remaining campfires by solving some puzzles inside the volcano.

First puzzle:
You need to shoot a fire field on the Burning Book.gif Burning Book and then you are done with the first puzzle:

Second puzzle:
You need to throw in a dead Lion, a dead Dragon, a dead Goat and a Heart of Fire.png Heart of Fire into these forcefields and a Chimera will spawn and then you are done with the second puzzle:

Third puzzle:
For the final puzzle and to remove the stalagmites blocking the way to portal, you need to bring 3 friends and each one of you need to stand on one of these energy fields (don't desintegrate the fields):

After the stalagmites are removed, kill the Chimera and put a:
Violet Gem.png Violet Gem
Red Gem.png Red Gem
Green Gem.png Green Gem
Yellow Gem.gif Yellow Gem
into the basins with matching colours.
After that the portal will reappear and only 1 person can enter it before it disappears for that day.
After you enter the portal you need to change the colours on some mwalls by clicking on them.
The final solution looks like this:

After you have solved the mwalls you can enter the pyramid to the north and there you can talk to Morrah who will give you a Black Gem and then you are done in Foreign Lands.

White Gem.png Getting the White Gem White Gem.png

Morrah will tell you to search for the wind and to do that you need to speak to Priest Sildev in Yehsha and ask him about 'wind language'.
Priest Sildev tells you to go search for the wind in the desert of Yehsha and Osaris.
And to find the wind you need to stand next to some cactuses, rocks and so on until they give a message.

First we have these 2 wind spots on top of the mountains between osaris and yehsha:

And then its these three final spots in the osaris desert:

After you have visiting all the 5 spots you will have gotten the sentance that the tomb of Umos is to the east.
Then you need to go dig with a Shovel on this spot to find a hole:

And inside that cave you need to click on Umos skeleton to find a White Gem:

The Sleeping Leviathan

You need to bring some gold items(Golden Armor / Golden Legs / Goldfish) to the sleeping leviathan under Arak on way to Arcanum.

When you get there you need to throw the Gold items into its mouth to get Gold Dust.png Gold Dust which you will need whenever you are gonna enter the mirror in the Osaris laboratory.

Golden Armor.png = 1xGold Dust.png
Golden Legs.png = 2xGold Dust.png
Goldfish.png = 10xGold Dust.png

After you get the dust, you will have to go back to the laboratory east of osaris and repair the mirror using a Gold Dust on it.
After that you can click the mirror to get teleported to another laboratory, but you will have to use 1 Gold Dust every time you wanna enter.

Is recommended bringing like 500 Scarab Coin.gif Scarab Coins for the puzzles that are about to come.
After you entered the other laboratory you will have to go upstairs to talk to morrahs father.
Then he will tell you to enter into the shield and solve the puzzles inside it, to cleanse it from its corruption.
Inside the maze theres 4 puzzles, one in each corner, and you need to do all of them to entire the final area. (You can check you Quest Log to track the completions)

The Maze looks like this:

Northwest Maze Puzzle

For this puzzle you need to order the letters using the levers.

The solution to this puzzle is:

Then you pull the north lever.

Northeast Maze Puzzle

On the way to the northeast puzzle theres a cracked wall u need to destroy by using a melee weapon on it.
You need to make a scarab with Scarab Coins in this shape but inside the room.

Then you pull the north lever

Southeast Maze Puzzle

For this puzzle you need to turn all tiles in this room black by clicking on them.
Then you pull the west lever

Fourth Maze Puzzle

For this puzzle and probably the most annoying one.

You need to run around the entire maze and look for these symbols
Triangles / Circles / Squares
Good luck (you will need...)


Then you have to count all the symbols you find.
Put the corresponding Scarab Coins on each of the basins.
Make sure you actually found all because when you pull the lever you lose the coins even if its wrong or right.

Symbols are randomized each time some one solved that puzzle that day and on the Server Save

Final Fight

After you are done with all puzzles, you can enter the middle area by walking through the energy walls.
When you reach the middle part you will fight the boss Dark Mass which is pretty weak but got a lot of HP
Once you kill the boss you'll get teleported out of the maze.
Once outside all you need to do is talk to morrahs father and bring him Black Gem and White Gem. He will merge them for you
After that you will receive the Rainbow Gem.png Rainbow Gem and the Shield of Unseen Forces.png Shield of Unseen Forces.

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