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You see a Bag
It weighs 10.0 oz.
Weight:10.0 oz
Dropped by:Bag.png Almost all creatures.
Blue Bag.png Wraith
Buy from:
AbukirBeige Bag.png Hassan (5 gp)
ArakBag.png Sonya (5 gp)
CironePurple Bag.png Badrick (4 gp)
EschenBlue Bag.png Grant (5 gp)
FalconPink Bag.png Xandor (5 gp)
GarrogatPurple Bag.png Fimba (5 gp)
IcenhaalCyan Bag.png Deegon (5 gp)
LucindelGreen Bag.png Valkana (5 gp)
MittenhoffRed Bag.png Hagrin (5 gp)
NovusBag.png Norma (4 gp), Al Dee (4 gp), Lee'Delle (4 gp), Dixi (4 gp), Scott (4gp)
OsarisYellow Bag.png Shilva (4 gp)
ThorisGrey Bag.png Clara (5 gp)
Purple Bag.png Elmar (5 gp)
YehshaOrange Bag.png Abu (4 gp)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:One of the most common items in Medivia, usually used to make lootbags since they are dropped from almost all monsters.

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