Magic Lightwand

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Magic Lightwand.gif
You see a Magic Lightwand that is brand-new
It weighs 15.0 oz.
Weight:15.0 oz
Dropped by:Orc Shaman, Dwarf Geomancer, Mummy, Ancient Scarab, Nille the Devourer, Uliaarthar
Buy from:
YehshaHaroun (120 gp; only after completing the Blue Djinn missions)
Sell to:
AbukirZuleika (50 gp)
ArakAlexei (50 gp)
EschenXavion (50 gp)
FalconLucius (50 gp)
GarrogatJodi (50 gp)
IcenhaalFrankie or Dwell (50 gp)
LuanaGalila (50 gp)
LucindelEthrihil (50 gp)
MittenhoffUrgrim (50 gp)
OsarisHylsa (50 gp)
ThorisTorben (50 gp)
YehshaMorunan or Cherf (50 gp)
Note:Provides 8 squares of white light. Can be obtained through the Desert Dungeon Quest, and the Orc Shaman Quest.

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